When the little ones smile, we can’t help smiling back. It is vital to take care of children’s oral health from the moment primary teeth appear. This is why it is important to be alert and make sure there are no possible problems in our little ones mouths. In Romacho Dental Clinic, our specialists in paediatric dentistry will take special care to solve any matter with dedication, patience and professionalism.

Our Doctors carry out all the treatments included in the PADI (Plan de Atención Bucodental Infantil de la Junta de Andalucía). In addition, so that they feel at home, we have a special playroom where they can wait for their turn and where we offer chat sessions for our younger patients and their parents. Our aim is to care for the smiles of the future.

*Clínica Dental Romacho no está adherida al PADI. No obstante, realiza todos los tratamientos incluidos en este plan en las mismas condiciones.

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